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  • Modern retail development requires a focus on big data, efficiency, design, and the latest trends in order to help clients successfully grow.

    Retail Developer
    Big Data. Efficiency. Design.

    Retail Developer
    Big Data. Efficiency. Design.

    VCG Properties’ focuses on big data, efficiency, design, and the latest concepts in retail development which allows us to help clients navigate successful growth campaigns. This symbiotic landlord/tenant relationship is our primary goal, working in tandem to reduce overhead expenditure, mitigate risk, and ensure new market integration. Utilizing our highly qualified network of associates brings value-added development services through a single, locale specific logistic chain. From lease administration to micro-level market analytics, our broad spectrum service offerings provide data driven expansion leverage without placing a high demand on your company's in-house resource.

  • Organic outsourcing allows companies to focus less on market growth boundaries and more on what they do best.

    Organic Outsourcing.

    Organic Outsourcing.

    Our model is one of organic outsourcing - where businesses work in collaboration to manage project efficiency, employ the highest standards of quality control, and utilize the vast expertise of each component in order to achieve cost effective results. Every company in our network is a recognized leader in their field. We mobilize each to exact a symphony of efficiency, allowing your company to focus less on market expansion hurdles and more on what they do best. Your VCG Lead Director will cater to individual needs either working with an existing real estate team or serving as a dedicated project manager to ensure your benchmarks are met. This ongoing relationship is the barometer by which we measure our own success.

  • At VCG, we believe the developer/landlord role is an obligation to serve each client at all stages.

    Thunder Buddy
    Weathering Any Storm.

    Thunder Buddy
    Weathering Any Storm.

    Let’s face it, today’s market requires some of the most invasive and profound changes retailers have faced in decades. In order to keep pace with these transcendental shifts, CRE developers must play a role in channel innovation. Enter VCGx, a comprehensive reboot of disengaged developer/landlord standards to establish an intuitive, coactive partnership for your multichannel campaign. The VCGx model leverages our independent analytics and local market expertise to proactively outpace industry trends, assure destination draw & sustainability, and provide relevant concierge services for every client. Retail development is an intrinsically symbiotic relationship, yet the burden of effort falls disproportionately to retailers once those ribbons are cut. At VCG, we believe the developer/landlord role is an obligation to serve each client, in bespoke fashion, at all stages. Whether your company is expanding into new markets or rolling out a complex new omnichannel campaign, VCG is always there helping make those efforts a success. From local code & resource guidance to building an interactive technology infrastructure, our team is dedicated to impactful solutions for weathering any storm. Thunder buddies for life!

Our Services

VCG Properties' focus on efficiency, design and the latest concepts in commercial development allow us to assist clients in achieving expansion and growth while reducing overhead expenditures. Utilizing the resources of our team will provide commercial development, consulting and managment without placing high demand on inhouse resources.

Our model is one of organic outsourcing, where businesses work in collaboration to manage project efficiency, employ the highest standards of quality control and utilize the experience and expertise of each component to achieve cost effective results. Every company we work with has an area of specialty. We simply mobilize each to exact a symphony of efficiency, allowing your company to focus on what you do best. We can work with your in-house real estate team or as a dedicated project manager to provide development assistance, consulting and oversight to ensure your plans success.

VCG utilizes a people centered approach to its commercial development work; culturally and spatially relevant planning models with increased dependence on community guidance. Our sites are curated with complimentary offerings that not only fit within the complex, but within the surrounding community as well, with a deep focus on familiar sensory aesthetics and overall experience. A VCG center will be exclusive to a degree as we do not employ find and fill strategies. The refinement of these spaces is less dependent upon superficial demographics, but rather the sustainability and interconnected demands within each market.

Regardless if it’s your first or fiftieth franchise location, new store development brings an added challenge. Local codes & permitting requirements, contractor sourcing and site selection all have the complexity of franchisor negotiation and approval. At VCG, we work with franchisor’s & franchisee’s to navigate those intricate details under a broad spectrum of services. From local guidance to full, turn-key development, our team has a solution to get your business operating on schedule and under budget. If an Erie franchise is part of your plans, contact our Project Management Department to see how any of our Franchise Assistance programs may be able to assist with your next endeavor.

At VCG Properties, meticulous planning, creative solutions and cost effective management are critical elements of every project. Our team understands how important these are for any growing company and how difficult it can be to conduct operations while managing expansion efforts. Outsourcing to VCG can help to mitigate unknown risks exposure and minimize the resource burden development ventures place on your business. If Erie Metro is part of your plans, contact our Project Management Department to see how any of our Design & Construction services may be able to assist with your next endeavor.

When it comes to retail, few companies commit the tremendous resources necessary to facilitate commercial real estate movement, acquisition or expansion. Navigating the varied nuances of municipal code can be challenging. That’s why VCG Properties offers a wide spectrum of services, allowing your company to utilize our intimate local knowledge and avoid unintended delays or costly field study. Our team is experienced working with national firms like DTZ, Cassidy Turley, Cushman Wakfield, CBRE, Colliers & JLL along with several regional groups to aid in planning, settlement and interpretation of client project goals in regard to municipal code requirements in Erie County. Let VCG’s experts help with expansion details so your company can focus on what matters most, the customer.

Creative Solutions, the lifeblood of our work. Now you can put VCG’s problem solving team to work on your next project. Through proven strategies, data driven methodology and unwavering dedication to detail, we are able to provide a diverse suite of project consulting services for both public and private sector clients. Our network of experts are on hand to help at any stage of implementation, be it as a project audit to get things back on track, post completion public roll out or initial planning. VCG’s established braintrust of associate firms allows us to make solid, timely recommendations by knowing what resources to utilize for a particular challenge. Our local buying power allows us to delivery these complex project strategies under tight budgeting for both large and small businesses.

Let the VCG team help find your ideal customer base in our markets. Bespoke, productivity offerings are individually tailored to provide concise, local expertise through one of three service channels.

West Erie Plaza

West Erie Plaza will serve as a model for eco-conscious, innovation and social capital driven development, with park-like patron event areas, LEED projects, fiber infrastructure and best practice methods. Our plan centers on the basic human instinct to congregate, to celebrate a sense of belonging and create memorable experiences with others in all facets of life. This is the marriage of social connectivity, community, culture, technology & business, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

Located in the ideal corridor for business commute, WEP serves as the areas most heavily traveled commercial site, boasting premium frontage on three major roadways. West Erie itself is known for desirable residential communities and superb demographics. With median incomes in the upper 15th percentile, immediate residents (Millcreek) provide the support base for thriving retail. VCG brings new, committed ownership, meticulously re-imagined site planning and first class architectural design to this landmark, helping West Erie Plaza reclaim its once iconic status.

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